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I am a business woman, mother of three and wife of a special operations officer, whom had a burning passion for fashion well before The Brown Eyed Girl existed, I was living in the world of rhinestones, for those who need further explanation, I was a mother of two dancers and pageant queens. I was known as the mother who went above and beyond to make sure that they had the highest quality stones coming from vendors across the country. Little did I know, the opportunity this brought for me. While sourcing for the endless amounts of dance costumes, I was building relationships with vendors and traveling to some of the premium locations! Being a dance mother really is what started all of this. While my oldest daughter was competing in the big apple I over heard populous mothers vent about the expense of the dance world and weren’t quite sure how they would tell their children that dance may have to slow down so the families can keep up financially. I was in the same exact boat, being a parent you know how hard it is to tell your own child “No.” Determined, I was walking to a workshop when I realized, I was in the fashion capital of The United States. I kept telling myself, “ There has to be a way, there has to!” Next thing I knew, I was running through the NYC streets over and over ending up in a few places I never imagined! This is where my list of contacts and business relationships began to bloom.

Most importantly I met the owner of Glamour Costumes where I began to purchase wholesale. Cutting out the middle man, I began to order for other moms and studios before I knew it, I was creating a business. While I didn't get to start with fashion, It stayed in my heart. I continued to help other mothers with the same mentality of finding affordable ways to support our children’s needs.
While my daughters began to mature so did their choice in clothing. This was just the spark of the fire! I applied the same mentality I had with dance with my passion, fashion. My business grew over nine years from rhinestones to belts, purses, and simple clothing. I took some of the problems of being a parent and shopping and created solutions to help with the stress. For example, great clothing does not have to be expensive or hard to find. Buying clothing does not have to be stressful and establishing a relationship with this business, the browneyed girl. Allows me to become your personal shopper. When I find an item that reflects someone I am quick to reach out and say, “ hey, this looks like something for you!”  While assisting with appropriate sizing. I can’t tell you how many times I have helped others find things to match with that old piece in the back of their closest they never wore, and I get to do this affordably. Thankfully with the help of the community I have been able to continually establish low prices and high quality items, and grow from just a dance studio mom to the owner of a website and a store. I pride myself in giving back to the consumer by keeping this mentality and values of The Brown Eyed Girl.
We are an online boutique
Who establishes a personal relationship with our customers at their discretion.
This business began 9yrs ago
Located : In Clarksville Tn
You may contact us by email at :Thebrowneyed.girl@yahoo.com