What Size Do I Order?

Let’s face it: Shopping for clothes and shoes at online stores, boutiques can be frustrating to say the least.  Sizes vary widely across different brands,and boutiques which can be a real complicated, I mean a size six isn't a six anymore, so when trying to decide which size to order can be a major project, sending back the wrong size can be a major hassle. I’m notoriously bad at shipping back stuff that doesn’t fit me – I usually forget about it and eventually donate clothes it to a local thrift shop. But unfortunately, that would  mean less money in your wallet and fewer clothes in the closet.
Therefore let us take the hassle. away for you. 
We carefully take the time to measure each item we carry from every brand. Posting them along with the listing in the description.  The best way to get rid of that frustration is to take a measuring tape measure your bust all the way around. (circumference). When the chest measurement is posted laid flat double it for the circumference. If the chest measurement state inches un-stretched  this means the circumference is posted with out the item being stretched.
Length is always double checked when posted..
PLease message us with any questions..
Happy Shopping!!!